Account Has Been Reset

I used to have a Condo completely decorated, a Suite, some potions and stuff in my inventory and now that’s all gone.
ALL I have now is a bit of money and a jetpack. I don’t even have the suite anymore, just an empty Condo.
I just logged on to find it all gone and pretty broken about it.

I’m very confused and angry after putting in a lot of effort into my stuff and for it to all just be deleted, some help would be appreciated, cheers.

Make sure you are connected to Steam.

I checked your Steam Inventory and you do seem to have all the items that you normally would have. What happens is, if the game can’t connect to Steam, then the Condo can’t verify you own the items and will appear to be blank.

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Thank goodness.
I’m sure I was connected but I think it was just being slow, either way I re-launched steam and everything is loaded now.
Thank you for your help

Glad it all worked out.