According to SteamSpy, a total of about 9,600 copies have been sold

That’s about $143,904.

Good job devs, you’ve earned it!


That is counting the keys people received from the Indiegogo as well. It seems like around 2,000 keys were given out to Indiegogo backers. Plus you need to figure in Steam’s cut as well which is known to be about 30%. So they’ve probably gotten around $80,000 for about 7,600 copies.

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I’d say that’s still a fair amount. Especially with people buying copies every day, I think they’ll be set for quite a while!

Sales do drop off rapidly after release. I think it would be kind of cool to see some statement from the devs about whether the sales have been sufficient.

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Don’t forget the ± 2,308. also the sale data is a few days behind.

Regardless of the number, it’s still going to increase as they add new content. I’m sure that after the fixes are all wrapped up, we’ll start seeing a bunch of new wicked stuff to mess around with!

I’ve just added to the total. :wink:

I’m really looking forward to seeing the community growth over the next few days/weeks/months as the content is added into the game.

Developers don’t get the money right away though.

11.690 now. It went up like 2k over the past day.

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Great progress. 10+ copies for something in EA is quite good, considering the limited content at this current time.