Accessory loadouts

I have certain accessories I like to wear with each of my favorite workshop player models, It would be nice to be able to have some presets I could quickly switch between instead of having to manually equip each one.

I’m 100% about this. It’s such a obvious suggestion, but I don’t think it’s ever been discussed. I frequently switch between as many gold accessories as I can to accessories that are thematically related to my player model. It’s a very tedious process.

I’m also all for this. I usually avoid the water attractions because I like my character to be properly dressed for it—I like roleplay—and as it stands, changing my outfit for 60 seconds of swimming around alone in the Plaza pool (lol) and then changing back again is really tedious.

I agree that would be great feature. I like to use some certain accessories (and also wearable items) with certain player models. Giving this suggestion a vote for definitive YES :>