ACCESSIBILITY: Font color/size options for chat


I was wondering if there were any plans to add options to change the way chat looks. As of now, it is tiny and impossible to read when there is a light colored background. I don’t wear glasses myself and my vision isn’t really that bad, but I have a hell of a time trying to read chat anywhere less than two feet away,

I think it would go a long way to making the game more available to those with vision impairments.

Text customizability is a planned feature for the chat box. In the mean time before this is implemented, you should try increasing the UI scale under Graphics settings.


can’t wait to put everything to comic sans

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You’re probably writing this for fun but there’s people who actually think Comic Sans is better for dyslexic people. I don’t write this as a fact because I just knew it as a rumor and I couldn’t definitely confirm or debunk it with a quick search right now.

thanks, I actually figured that out.

Yes, please. I’m a blind motherfucker. Lol. Always have to lean way close to the monitor to read stuff. It’d even go a step further and say, make all of the text change size. Would make reading menus and stuff easier.