[Accelerate Suggestion] Water Tracks/Tracks With Water Shortcuts/Parts

I think it could be a nice and more unique idea if Accelerate got support for tracks on water. Some of the tracks or their parts could make your gocart have a transforming animation into basic speedboat and once on the ground, back out. Idea inspired from looking at Vroomspeed Auto Dealership speedboat in the back of the store and a video game RC Revenge/RC Revenge Pro where toy RC cars do this exact thing and the steering also changes a bit to make it more unique. The change could be purely aesthetic and no controls or physics changed to save on amount of work, or well, yeah, change physics around a bit to accomodate for racing on water and possibly changing the controls. I think even despite the fact it would be a lot of work, it could add longevity to Accelerate as a mode for future of Tower with more custom cars and boats + more unique workshop maps for future.
*Changed category of the suggestion. I have completely not noticed that Accelerate does have it’s own suggestions category and I am sorry for that.