Accelerate: Option to disable beer item (read description)

I find the disorientation caused by the beer effect can actually be nauseating after a while (when accompanied by high motion), especially if you hit another beer without noticing it.
So I was wondering if you could add an option to disable the beer item, by host only, or giving a kind of vote on disabling it (similar to the vote skip option for media in plazas), while keeping everything else as normal.

I find this would make the game a bit more playable for some people who are sensitive to this effect.

Personally I think the beer item didn’t do enough. I think it should make you swerve and slow down, but as for the effect, I think there could be an accessibility feature for it.

I don’t think having an item that even partially takes away player control is good or fun for the gamemode. That’d be annoying as hell and confusing for anyone that’s new to the game.

That said I totally agree that the effect should have a toggle, or beer should just be removed. It doesn’t add anything to the game other than being an annoying and causing players issues like nausea.

Well, toggle yes, but I wouldn’t want it to be outright removed. It does add a bit of complexity, but it would be good to have an option to exclude it from races for new players or sensitive players to the effect.

Mario Kart does Blooper ink splats on screen. Just replace it with vomit LOL


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At this point, anyone could just turn it off and have an advantage, and it’d no longer serve any real purpose.

So long as the adheres to the vomit settings (and they tone down the detail on it, PLEASE) I think something like this might good? Maybe not vomit in general though, for people with emetophobia.

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I don’t mean a client-side only option, it would be an option per game/host. That way it is either all or nothing, so nobody would get any advantage over other players.


Fair point! Maybe when modifiers roll around, hosts will be able to choose from a toggle list for each power-up, too? That might be neat.