Accelerate Map Progression Suggestion

At the end of the survey, I left a suggestion for the upcoming accelerate gameworld or more specifically the maps. Although I’m sure the devs will get to see my suggestion as well as this one I would love to also receive some community feedback so ideas can be added or the suggestion debunked.

Relating to the nature of the minigolf map, Kingdom I thought it would be interesting for accelerate to have progressive maps with all sorts of challenges that increase in difficulty. Like it Kingdom, the tracks themselves will alter in location. (courtyard > village > castle) An example of an accelerate map that could follow these principles could be an island-themed map. First, starting on the beach close to the ocean modest obstacles will be present like slippery puddles on the track. The next track, slightly harder than the last will be deeper on the island on a journey up a mountain, watch for falling trees, rocks and mudslides while staying on the narrow upward path. Finally, the last track, this hardest of them all, brings the racers inside a volcano as they dodge spewing lava and make death-defying jumps.

I know this may be a little much to incorporate for each map although maps like Minigolf and Ballrace benefit from being interactive and engaging unlike maps in gameworlds like Virus, Zombie Massacre and Little Crusaders. I think this would be a fun spin on the gameworld to make it feel like there is more of an objective to complete.

~ Thanks for your consideration, keep doing what you’re doing! :slight_smile:

this honestly sounds really cool and i’d love to see something like this

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