Accelerate logo idea


I personally think the current logo for accelerate is bland and so i think it should be a play on the top gear logo

opinions pls


I think this is joke so I say lol


of your meds m8?


Please don’t post jokes in suggestions.


I actually don’t think this is a joke, they just mean as a suggestion to spice up the logo to have a reference to the Top Gear logo (as in the gear design)


yep ;(


I like how @Jinko said he thinks this was a joke, so it automatically turned into a joke…

Aside from that, I kind of like the idea, but the only problem is copyright infringement. How close can they get to replicating the logo without infringing?


hm, well they made a bru ray player, im sure this is not gonna be a problem if they do.


does it have a logo similar to the BluRay logo on it? I haven’t done too much with my condo yet, so I actually haven’t seen it close enough yet, but I’ve seen it listed on tower express


It has a logo similar to BluRay and a logo similar to Sony.


I suppose it wouldn’t be too hard to change up the Top Gear logo a decent bit like they did with those.