Accelerate: jumping cars

A very simple question, will the cars in accelerate be able to jump like they did in GMT? I’m not exactly sure whether I would like it or not…

i’m gonna flip shit if i can jump in accelerate but not virus.


The reason you cannot jump (or crouch) in Virus is because Virus is a homage to the game series Timesplitters, which did not have these.

Okay, please do not have another one of these, I have already argued against someone on this topic, I don’t want to argue again. Stay on the question’s topic… please.

the conversation already stopped

I’m pretty sure Accelerate is planned to be very different from its GMT counterpart, so I don’t think we can really expect anything. Jumping might be a fun and unique mechanic to implement; I know it worked well for Distance, though it is worth bearing in mind that Distance is more about surviving the courses than winning races.