Accelerate Base Gamemode Suggestions

I really wanted to get this idea out before development for Accelerate began, (Whenever that is.) So that’s why I’m posting this now.

The one thing that bugged me about pretty much every racing game out there is they all usually have the same problem. Once one person gets in 1st and tails it, there’s no way to ever catch up to them. Which you could say Accelerate will have items to make the races chaotic and insane. Which is true, but mario kart is still having this issue, even with the implementation of the blue shell. Not saying items is a bad thing, but I thought we could have a more proper fix to this situation. And I’ll be honest, I’m stealing this idea from a dead game on steam, the game itself isn’t good, but the base idea of this suggestion is.

Checkpoints & Acceleration Fuel

Checkpoints: There can be any amount of checkpoints in a level, the bigger the level the more the checkpoints. These checkpoints serve as respawn points and give drivers “Acceleration Fuel”. Simple.

Acceleration Fuel: This one is a bit more tricky. Acceleration fuel is an optional speed boost that can be accessed at anytime, the more fuel you have the longer you can stay in this boosted state. You get fuel by driving through checkpoints. But here’s the catch. The amount of fuel you get is determined by what place you’re in. If you’re in last place, you get the maximum amount of fuel. But if you’re in first you’ll get the minimum amount of fuel. (I’m sure you can do the math with all the places inbetween.)

With this system in place, this’ll give drivers who are behind a chance to boost all the way back up to first, or at least catch up to it. In hopes to give some balance to a chaotic and insane gamemode.

Not to mention a speed boost system for a game called Accelerate sounds pretty fitting. :kissing:


I love this suggestion, & this NEEDS to be a concept in Accelerate aslong as it won’t get copyrighted by that other steam game…

This is the greatest suggestion ever made for a gameworld… good job Mike, good job! :wink:

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Much appreciated! If you were wondering what the steam game I was referring too is, it’s this: