Accelerate 2019 Q4?

is it even coming this year?

it most definitely is, if the devs don’t put it away for another time
alot of work has already been put into it


I’d kinda expect it by maybe July or August. It’s a big thing so it’ll take a while, but as Markus said there’s already been a lot of work put into assets, so that’s a significant portion of the work.


i think it will be next year or so
other things are in the way right now

thats what i was thinking, but you never really know. The arcades gonna be alot easier as it will most likley use the casinos api, so they might be able to squeeze it in.

Arcade won’t be using the Casino API other than for exchanging units into credits and tickets into items. The Casino API is now the entire backend of the game.

Arcade has a lot of custom code but it’ll be a lot easier than Fishing was mainly because Fishing took forever due to the way it is and how complex it is compared to a simple arcade machine game. The hard part for Arcade is all the custom artwork, game design, and sounds.

That said, we do plan to get Accelerate out this year.



i am excite