About that Ghost Hunting Game

In Real Ghost Hunting, Ghost Hunters use devices to track the paranormal. These consist of PX Devices, Spirit Boxes, K2 Devices, Thermal Cameras and the list goes on. With this, you can have people with certain devices. The gameplay should be more slow placed and team based as voice communication is key. Another thing you can do is what BF4 does with the command menu (holding down q) for the people without a microphone. The Ghosts are fast and agile and play out like an average stealth game would. Some Ghosts should have special abilities such as teleportation, telepathy or even telekinesis. This would make a very good team based Ghost Hunting game that isnt too hard but not too easy.

What real ghost hunting

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Make it a combination of rainbow six seige’s teamwork and communication with tom Clancy’s splinter cell gameplay, the slow paced, spooky feeling where there is a combination of no music, ( I find silence way more scary and traumatically terrifying than eerie music) that feeling that they could be anywhere, and that slow panicking when sh*t starts flying around the room. Same idea, just with ghosts and stuff.

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Watching the 2004 Ghost Adventures Documentary at the Goldfield Hotel will give you an idea. Or watching Ghost Adventures Season 1-5 episodes.

The Ghosts have special abilities depending on what is chosen. They have energy as well, Energy can be acquired by absorbing energy from Electrical Appliances that are on, Lights and even Humans. Taking Energy from a Human takes 5 secs and the human is notified via a difference in maybe Contrast or adding vignette to the screen. Once the energy is taken and you have full energy you can be seen in a form of a shadow. But if your energy is below full then you cannot be seen or only seen via UV Light, Thermal Camera or a Light Detection Camera. Humans are randomly chosen to be ghosts and their equipment is chosen via a random dice roll basically. If you have a radio, you are able to keep contact with your team without being close to them. But if a ghost has enough energy they are able to disrupt the communication and even break it.