About making BallRace maps

So, as we all know, Workshop support is slated for this June. That is fuckin’ rad and I am already looking into creating my own maps and a playermodel. However, I do have one question on what to do about making BallRace maps.

  1. How do I separate levels/ make seperate level spawnpoints?
  2. What should I do about placing melons?
  3. How would I create a booster?
  4. What should I do to test these?

I guess these would be addressed once we get closer to Workshop release, but for now, what should I do?

As of right now, you can just start to make the map layout (No spawnpoints, no boosters, no melons, etc…). What I have done is started to make models in 3ds max, & put the models together in UE4.



Alright. Thanks.

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I don’t think they would make every platform a different model.

They don’t, but both ways work.



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