Ability to resize just the unit counter hud

The unit counter hud is way too small for me to be able to read without sticking my face up to my computer. Now there is a resize option for the entire HUD, but the issue is that the rest of the HUD is perfectly fine, and even when resizing it to the max, the unit counter is still pretty small and hard to see. Mainly the text under, showing when the next event is. Here’s a picture.

Now it might just be me, with my 20/900 vision, though if this game is meant to be accessible, I think this should be a good feature to add.

I was going to suggest this exact thing. It’s hard to read the event timer at a glance due to how small it is

Too lazy to post a screenshot, but this is happening according to Mac.

EDIT: Alright here’s a screenshot because I felt like I should: