Ability to buy multiples of already owned Halloweem items

Before we get into the suggestion itself, I would like to give my thoughts on the current drop rates of Ghoul coins. In my opinion, the drop rate currently is perfect. It is not like each day of Zombie Massacre gives you a coin, but it is also not something as bad as 1 full game of Zombie Massacre gives you around 2-3 coins. The only gameworld that I’ve played since the halloween update has been Zombie Massacre (Compound solo if anyone is wondering), and I have been able to get around 3-4 coins each game. Which makes it about 11-12 coins each hour, which again, in my opinion, is perfect.

So as for the suggestion itself, it is very simple, if you own atleast one of an item, say for example you own a Lil Pup, you will be able to buy as many copies of it as you want from the Celebrations or from the legend, King Arthritis himself, for units, after the event is over. It does not need to be cheap ofcourse, around 25k per pet and other similar costs for weapons, etc. would be fine.

The reason for suggesting is that there is no way in this world one would be able to collect 16 of each pet to fill their hotbar with if they wanted to. You would have to do nothing but play TU for 8 hours each day to collect them, which no one I’m sure has the time to do.

The main point is you would have to own atleast one copy of the item to buy it from Celebrations or King Arthritis (Which means the item would have to be bought atleast once from the Ghoulcery for Ghoul Coins).

There could easily be a third option added to Arthritis’ UI for buying themed items. And ofcourse those items should be added to the store only after the event is over (previous year items could be added as well ofcourse).

A trading system may be implemented for this game in the future. I don’t think it’s good to get copies easily.

This is my opinion.
It’s better to be difficult to get the same pet, 16 pets are medals that they played for 8 hours a day.
Should be respected.

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Being able to grind out enough ghoul coins to buy something is something that personally fulfills me after completing it. I am currently trying to get 16 to fill my hotbar and I haven’t thought about backing out at any point.

Having it solely on ghoul coins I believe is the right thing to do, it puts a time constraint on the player to play the game longer than they usually would to achieve something they want to do. It increases the number of players online for more possibilities, and rewards players who do put the time they would be doing something else back to them by allowing them to have a full set.

This isn’t really on-topic for the suggestion, but isn’t the max number of a single pet 9 and not 16? I can’t seem to equip more than one ghost pet in the wearables hot bar at least.