Abandoned Lobbys

Abandoned Lobby is basically Lobby’s 1 and 2 [with some differences to avoid copyright] But abandoned.
Think it as if it where an abandoned theme park,filled with molds,vines,and trash left behind.

Lobby 2 would be the easiest to find as it was the last lobby used,so it would be somewhat covered with vines and mold.

Lobby 1 would be really difficult to find,as it is an older lobby it would be almost unidentifiable with all the trash and mold and vines.

The way to find said lobby’s is up to interpretation,but I think the metal detector could help out. Like you find parts of teleporters in the sand,The Rust on the parts would show if it belongs to lobby 1 or 2.

I doubt this would make it in,but after watching the end credits to GMT I got the idea of abandoned lobby’s and i think it would be cool,but Extremely Time consuming as it would take hours,days,weeks to recreate the lobby’s and model all the trash.

But hey,I Think it’s a cool idea, you’re thoughts?
Note: This does not reskin the plaza,it is just a room that looks like lobbys 1 or 2 but abandoned,there is nothing there to mess with,it’s just to look at.


This has been suggested many, many times.



there’s those two, and then like 20 other “bring back lobby 1” related posts.
Please use the search function before posting. Instead of having several posts with the same idea, it would be much better to have a single post where all of the votes can be combined, if you really want something, but it has already been suggested, your best bet is to bump existing posts.

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The First 1 is a virus map,I’m not talking about a map for a Gamemode.

The 2nd one is not abandoned. It says nothing about it even being abandoned. It’s a remake,not a abandoned map.

Maybe added as an update, and server owners get to choose what lobby to pick. I don’t know, I just wouldn’t like to see Lobby 1 & 2 abandoned.

The point i’m trying to make is that bringing back lobby 1 has been suggested many times before, changing the details won’t change the fact that it has already been suggested.

A lot of people want this as far as i can tell, the devs might do something eventually, but there’s no point nagging them about it right now. Wait and see


I Think you forgot that this is a suggestion,Not a demand. They can add it if they want to,and i’m not nagging them to add it right now,if they don’t then that’s ok. It’s just an idea that i think would be neat. Not a “Oh My God You Must Add This at once!!!1!!!” thing.

Clearly mentions being abandoned. Try reading the topics people link. Also why do people keep suggesting Lobby 2 to be remade when it’s almost identical to what TU is now making it pointless. :astonished: