A way to tilt the NPC camera left and right?

I would really like it if we got to be able to move the NPC camera to the left of the character’s head. I mean yes we can have it go up and down, forward and backwards and sideways but if there was an option to have the camera being facing the NPC on the left side or right?

Rotating the NPC talking camera could allow for some really cool tricks in people’s condos, I’ve wanted this for awhile myself. You could give a side profile for your characters, focus on what they’re looking at, or even set up some wacky janky security camera type deals. Would love to see this added

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Yes that is what I’m talking about! I have this character who is facing my aquarium at home and I want to make it so that they have a side profile instead of just facing forward while the camera is in the fucking aquarium.


I can look into adding rotation to NPC cameras, but keep in mind I plan to have two camera items with Condo IO:

  • Placeable Camera. This can be toggled in various ways such as a button, volume. Can be set to toggle only for the player who activates the button or volume, or for every player in the server. Will also have adjustable modes such as:
    • Stationary
    • Follow player
    • Follow item (such as NPC)
    • Spline Movement (on a track)
  • Camera toggler volume. Sets the view of the player who is inside it to a Placable Camera, leaving the volume will bring the camera back to the players default camera.

As for making a camera rotate like a security camera, you could with Condo IO, connect a Movement node to the camera (and keep it in stationary mode) and set up the Movement node to rotate back and forth.

This is all subject to change but it’s my current plans.


So will we be able to place the camera everywhere without no restrictions and it will be way easier?

Yes, it’ll be how Placable Lights work, visible only when editing and can be anywhere.


I should also mention I plan to have a monitor item as well that you can hook up to cameras.


Sounds amazing, I hope they get implemented, more customization with items always sound great!

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