A way to support developers


So I always thought if they did a dlc with perks like indigo campaign. It not like they give a play to win. But like a dlc example 20 for 2 games and name in walkway or fist of gold for 30. Or what ever. I also thought about a way meet new friends or love dating in game but pg rated not like house party . This as always been a social network game. Or throw wrench in like job in reality but in game interviewed. So not a tense but more casual.


I’m not a dev or anything, but Pixeltail has said this many many many times. They do not want to have any microtransactions or paid DLC for this game. Personally I really like the strong stance they’ve shown since this game would probably be ruined by segregating the community into paid and free users.

As for you other suggestion, what you said isn’t really specific enough for me to give an opinion on it, though similar things have been requested before.


Just because I don’t see it written here already: The best ways to support PixelTail are to buy copies of TU (Which you can gift to friends who should own it anyways, it’s win-win) and probably to help improving it by making constructive posts in the appropriate subforums here.


Tower Unite: Where fans ask for microtransactions

also no


if u wanna give that support u gotta just buy more copies of the game for friends and stuff. or if you wanna support the s o u n dman will you can buy the soundtrack on steam, bandcamp and other stuff like google play store


no this is a stupid idea


If you wanna give them money, just buy the game. If you have it, buy it for a friend.


seriously we don’t need the huge hate that tf2 has from its hat system towards people who don’t have hats.