A Way To Recycle Trash For More Units

I know you can just sell the trash you collect from fishing and get units that way, but I feel like this would keep more players playing and more people to actually fish! I use to play another online game who had this system, where players would go around, picking up trash from the streets in exchange for in game currency! I mean yeah you can keep the trash and later when your done with it sell it for barely enough units OR you can recycle it and get more units for doing it! Since it took you a while to get the trash from the sea, you can exchange it for a ton of units! We can have like a Recycling Shop where you can recycle the trash or you can buy the trash for props for your condo!

Last year Mac was talking about an idea for a recycling thing where you’d be able to exchange trash for Sea Dollars along with a price increase of the adoptable pets, this was in the Discord though so the actual post got nuked. But there is also this forum post from Mac–also from last year–which is a pretty similar idea to the one you posted.


Well its a good idea and should happen for all this sea trash we collect