A TU Inventory Calcuator/Viewer thing

So a couple of months back @profbonkars came up with the idea of creating a site, sort of like backpack.tf crossed with the old GMT inventory page. After talking to mac for a bit bonkars was told Pixeltail were planning on making their own sort of thing for this so the project just stopped. Anyway I’ve had the code sitting around for like a month now and it’s sort of pointless just having it sit there doing nothing, so I’ve decided to host it.


Keep in mind this was a super early version of the site, there’s no proper frontend since I suck at it and steam is sometimes slow on their API. Anyway, have fun!


I like the idea of the concept.

Some images of the site before we stopped the project.



Really awesome! Hope the devs can keep up with your website.

I really love it :smiley:

oh, its by steamURL


It’s kinda broken though

Tells me I have 2,000 units even though I have 50,000

btw, congrats on the 10,000th topic! :confetti_ball:

Site is a nice idea. Its nice that the devs themselves are going to make their own.

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Steam is a bit delayed with updating unit values, nothing I can fix.

This is mine: http://meharryp.xyz/tu/profile/florensie

Don’t question it.

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Why do you have so much wood?

Because in have a plan :smirk:

Even more wood to come

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Why so many jetpacks, you may ask? The thrust stacks.

7 jetpack plus speed shoes master race

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Can’t see mine, it says “The specified profile could not be found.”

Do you have a private profile?