A texture was removed by accident :(

(I have no idea what category to put this in. So it’s in general please move it somewhere it fits, as this kind of isn’t a bug report?)

A few updates ago an issue was fixed where a floor texture appearing as

would when selected appear as a completely different texture (shown below)
This issue was fixed by changing the icon in the texture selection menu to the correct icon (of the image below).
But this fix in turn removed this original texture (above texture)
as it was here first instead of this new one that over wrote it :frowning:

Here is the texture that replaced it

My issue is I enjoyed this old texture and it was accidentally replaced with this new weird pattern (shown above)

Again this is a complaint/bug report/idk
since I think it was an accident to overwrite it?
it’d be nice to have this texture back if possible as it looked much nicer than this new texture that overwrote it.

I am going to assume this is the “Adjusted Grey Carpet texture for Condos to use new tiling carpet texture because we totally didn’t lose the old one or anything” from the Trello for the update.

I will fix that.


That was another texture. In the carpet texture in the Suite’s 2nd floor and the condo room in Condo was changed.