A song I worked on today

##Work in progress
It needs a name, any ideas?




Funky Fresh

Edit: Reminds me a bit of Portal actually. Some parts anyway.

I’m a big portal fan so that may have influenced me in some way.

this honestly sounds like a song i would hear in the game Distance.

but yeah, i think you should call it Thrust or something like that, i dunno :U

I have also played Distance. Can everyone please stop reading my mind! :fearful:

Edit: Also yeah I’m a big fan or Torcht’s work on Distance / Nitronic Rush. (I totally stole that choir stab effect idea from “End to a Violent Heart”)


Maybe you should name the song Far Off in reference to the game.

Also, this song would go well with a space themed ballrace map.

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I agree with this title.

Lovely work.

I also like this title. @Cakemagic

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I wondered for an instant, I was like, hey how did you come up with such a fitting title.

ps:I used to edit songs a decade ago, I also got some remix I will share some late.

Cool I’d like to hear :smiley:

I am very lazy, whatever I have to show now, aren’t pro stuff like yours. I always had troubles trying to decide which tune was better, so I gave up lol. If you like I will post a Off-Topic post with links in that. Although I am not familiar with link advertising rules of this new forum.

yeah my stuff’s not pro stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:
I just mess around with music when I’m not programming.

Eh, just post em here.

ok I will post links under offtopic then

Valley of Eternity”? Love the song, btw. :sunglasses:

How to make a song name

  1. Listen to the song
  2. Come up with a few simple or fancy words
  3. Make the name not make since so people will think you a true artist

I’m getting heavy Super Meat Boy vibes from this song.

This is awesome. Nice work @Zak I can’t think of a name right now, but I’ll edit this post if I come up with anything.

Also, the song kinda sounds like a heist track from Payday 2.

Yep. This is the kind of song I see fitting perfectly into a puzzle or a non-stop platformer. In what program did you compose this? I’ve been wanting to try composing as a hobby thing.

Wait WHAT?


I was totally waiting for this to happen. :laughing:

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