A small question

Will Tower Unite be free to play? Or will it cost money? I’ve been quite curious.

You will have to pay once (15 dollars I think), but it’s worth it. They give you standalone game with many features:

  • great graphics engine with great optimization (Unreal Engine 4)
  • ability to host your own server,
  • many new items and games,
  • better map,

… and more fun :smile:

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Also, no F2P models Fully B2P & nothing more.

Even though this question has been already answered, I will just answer it again for the sake of detail:

You know how they promised us no microtransactions, no subscriptions and no premium currency in the kickstarter trailer?
So that they are actually able to follow this promise, they’ll have to make the game paid. But trust me, it’s gonna be totally worth the 15$.

Alright, thanks for the answers!

P.S. GMT VIP’s get a small discount.

10%, to be exact - although I think it should be 20-30% instead, as they have supported the life of pixeltail games’ old project already (the project being GMT)

It’s $15.

No microtransactions, no pay2win crap. Every DLC is free.