A slightly immature forum game


So I found this on the Steam Off-Topic forums and I thought it was kinda funny so here it goes:

What you do:
Say the words “in my pants” after the last song you heard.

Ex: Bushes of Love in my pants

It’s inmature I know. But here it goes. (also I think this is a forum game i’m not sure, whatever it is, it fits into Off Topic)

I’ll go first:
Night Talk in my pants.


Dam That River in my pants.

Alice in chains, what do you expect


Shindigs in my pants

(moved this topic to forum games)


Attention in my pants


02 Track 2 in my pants

Sorry, too lazy to rename the song to its actual title.


Lose Yourself in my pants.


Dogs in my pants


Fire Coming out of the Monkey’s Head in my pants.


I don’t know what to make of that.


Didn’t realize there was a forum games sub-forum. So thanks


100 Percent of Something in my pants


Buoyant Boogie in my pants


Jizz in my pants in my pants.

Believe it or not, that is an actual song.


Dude, The Lonely Island is awesome.


slam in my pants

(the pendulum song)


x gonna give it to you in my pants


sweatpants in my pants.
It’s cold out you gotta wear layers


Want You Gone in my pants

Now I see certain parts of the lyrics in a whole new light… :grimacing:

Can we declare the ones that make the most people giggle like little school girls the winners? :grin:


Trinity in my pants


M54 in my pants



More money, more cash in my pants.

I’ve played Pro Street a little bit recently. Song was Plan B - More is Enough
Also, do lyrics count?.