A "Reload All Condo Items" option for visitors

When joining someone else’s Condo, have the option to reload everything, mirroring what happens when you first load into that Condo. Forcing the game to try and load everything correctly.

This may help with loading problems. For example, I’ve been running into this annoying problem for a while now, which is: more than half of my Condo does not load at all for most people.

Rarely, restarting the Condo makes more stuff load for other players, but that takes too much time and you would have to invite back whoever was in there with you. So a “reload all items” button would be very helpful.

How I picture it working is:
Whenever you press the button to reload everything, you would either be

  • Teleported back to the Condo’s spawn
  • Frozen in place until everything reloads
  • Have the screen fade to black and have a little progress bar for the percentage of items loaded

I mean, if the host loads a different snap shot while you’'re int he condo, you load everything. So it seems like the function exists and we just need another way of triggering that last part of the process.

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