A Reintroduction!

Hey-o Everyone :wave:!

Most of the TU veterans know me, but for anyone who’s never met me before, Hey; I’m bromhamsam, and i’m from the UK. you may know me as that [one person who draws the Fan Arts from time to time]
(CatSack Poker Painting). I’m a graduate of Games Design so I truly love TU and following it’s development.

Since I just graduated today (and have all of my free time back) I figured i’d pick up where I left off on Tower Unite and enjoy all of the updates I neglected to play while drowning in work. (as well as pick up where I left off on the Fan Art Department :sunglasses:)

Hope to see y’all around again!



CongraTUlations on your graduation and welcome back!

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Welcome back to the forums!
Return to enjoying your stay!

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Welcome back to the tower and forums Bromhamsam. :slight_smile:

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