A Reason to be in the VOLT Nightclub

Hey all!

So, me and @Skye were chatting in their condo, and we were talking about how excited we were about the nightclub.

Something we were worried about was the possibility of not having many people want to go to the nightclub due to lack of any real “activity” to do while there. So, in response, we came up with this:

A DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) ripoff!

Make money by out-dancing others in the night-club. Thoughts?


You mean something like this?

This was from PSHome, and it illustrates very well what I’d like to see from the Tower Unite nightclub. The way this system worked was every few minutes, a DDR dance-off event would take place where players danced in a single-elimination tournament. Points would be given to the people who survived the longest.

Any time a tournament was not going on, small microgames with the dance floor would sometimes occur where players dancing a specific move in a specific corner of the dance floor earned bonus points (there would be a prompt on the screen and the dance floor would light up into quadrants).

Now, obviously this isn’t PSHome. I’d love to see some inspiration from this minigame in TU, however, because aside from nostalgic reasons, it is a fun minigame to play. Something fun to do would bring a portion of the playerbase into the Nightclub on a regular basis (especially since the Nightclub doesn’t have much else to offer that the Theatre already offers).

Yep, that’s exactly what I was referring to @Erickson9610.

It would be interesting to see this combined with Soundcloud support. Imagine having a step sheet generated based on the music people select (sort of like what Audiosurf does) and then competitively dancing to that song.


Jeez, if TU got a DDR ripoff that is generated from the music being played I probably would never leave the nightclub.


Also, to add on what was suggested, how about if you do end up playing it there are three modes. The first one is the easiest of the three, the third being the hardest, and the second being somewhere in between. Easy could start the generation to show a small amount of beats, where hard would show the most. Hard would have a higher payout, easy obviously giving the least. Hard also improving the amount of points you have, also gives a bigger penalty for missing a beat, giving the players on easy a better chance of winning. Playing on hard could make your character do way better dance move animations, and faster too.

Back to the payouts, depending on how hard the song was, what difficulty the player was playing on, and how long the song was, you could earn quite a bit from it. You could also reduce the amount of units the player earns from how many beats they missed. Hardest difficulty reducing the least.

Though as this would be extremely fun to be in development now, I feel it should be put way after optimization fixes. Think about it this way, if a player with lower fps goes into the nightclub to play the DDR ripoff, it could make it very unenjoyable for him/her because if playing on the hard difficulty, the player may lag and miss it purely because of the poor fps they get.