A parody of this video out side of lasertag

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYC-5SfBZlo Every one that has played laser tag watches that video we need pixel tail to do one of their funny parodys for it playing on a screen outside of it

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is this battlefield?

I get what you’re saying. Every laser tag I’ve been to always had those tacky “briefing” videos playing in the lobby. It’d be a nice little touch, honestly. It’s just kind of part of the experience. It’d get repetitive fast though, which could end up being a huge problem.


Just have it playing on TVs with very little audio, so it’s more detail than an actual part of the game. Also I would love joke tips.

“If you end up getting hurt, do a handstand backflip to signal the operators to get someone down there to help.”


There is already a suggestion for this