A new condo idea

i think it’d be pretty cool if there was a yacht condo, like a private boat out on the water.

it could have hot tubs, fancy rooms, a captain’s deck, ETC.

i feel that a boat is something that would be fitting to TU’s theme, and i hope to see it or something similar in the future

You have no idea how many times I’ve considered suggesting this.

For the love of god Pixeltail this needs to be a thing.


This category is for suggestions to condo mechanics.
Condo design suggestions should go in Condo Design Suggestions Megathread.

this category is just labeled “condo suggestions”

and the devs haven’t said that the only place you can put condo suggestions is that megathread

this is all they’ve said about the condo suggestions category officially:

Also this is a thing:

Please keep suggestions to one idea, one topic

Please do not have multiple suggestions in a single topic unless they are directly related (such as multiple suggestions for Minigolf). This rule is to keep things clean and also to allow people to vote on your suggestions. Make as many multiple topics as you need to, we don’t mind!

Again, we require the one suggestion per thread rule so we can track individual suggestions and allow for voting.

**in the suggestion guidelines

it’s kinda contradicting, but I don’t see the harm in having separate topics

Although the megathread is pinned so ¯\(ツ)

The megathread works best for us for this kind of thing.

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go to this comment if you wanna vote on the suggestion

More ideas can be:
~a mansion
~a castle (European variant though Japanese can also be one :wink: )
~a cruise ship
~houses in different neighborhoods/environments

Just to name a few…

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