A Little Preview of Something I'm Working On



Let me guess, large cinema?


I think it might be a cat toy.


looks like a bedroom to me


That looks nice! I might do something similar with my condo.


Wow, nice bedroom!


oh damn thats badass

i was trying the same thing before but the projector limits stopped me

your entire setup is just absolutely fantastic though god dang even a crispy clear screen


Before I built this, I done a test with an even larger screen (14:6 aspect ratio for native 21:9 content with Full Size Canvas Cubes) but the screen brightness was very dim at the edges of the screen, so I settled on doing a 11:6 aspect ratio screen so 16:9 and 4:3 content is handled ok. I’m guessing the roof is helping it a bit so I’m not sure how 21:9 content would look with the roof on top, so I could try making a “Version 2” of this at some point in the future to see how it could work. Honestly, my life would be made easier if we had stitchable LCD/LED screens so we can have custom aspect ratio displays that are stupidly large and have uniform brightness.


Here’s an update on the progress that has been made since I made that post:


So glorious!


Beautiful !


now thats epic