A GMT "End of the World" Party

Apologies to Life is Strange fans. That title made me sad, too.

On the last day of GMT, the admins should come on and have a closing ceremony. We can play minigames, have parties, and gather in the Plaza for the final hours of GMT, shooting off fireworks as the future of TU sets upon us.

Maybe have the world somehow collapse as well, like how The Matrix Online attempted to do it.


I think the Matrix Online route is really dark and cruel to the people who played day after day.

I prefer throwing a really awesome party.


free beer in the plaza

mountains and mountains of beer and fireworks and basically the server should go out in a giant firework beer lagfest and that’s how it dies, by partying too hard


If this happens, Please someone notify me of it. I always miss things happening around tower :expressionless: