A few suggestions I thought of

A few suggestions I came up with for the game:

  • Outfit slots: If for example you want to have multiple outfits and don’t want to change the hat, color etc. There should be a few outflit slots, either free or purchase with units.

  • Able to walk freely around the map or have a minilobby to sit, watch youtube or something when you wait in Virus or other gamemodes for players. (Apparently some people are just able to walk but the one that host can’t.)

Confetti grenade
Water balloons
Water gun

That’s all I can currently think of.

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I’m prety sure you can walk freely around the map while in a queue with exception for the condo (I’m guessing that will be added together with the connected chat)

For the queue idea take a look at my phone suggestion Cell Phone actually does something