A couple things weird in The Toy Stop

In the back left corner (when looking into the store) there’s are two props from Rob’s Imports sticking through the wall. One down by the train tracks and one closer to the ceiling. There’s also some wonky, pixelated reflections happening in the model lake in the front right corner.

EDIT: The weird reflections are actually happening in both of the lakes up front.

EDIT 2: Pics for reference

how do people even find this stuff
its amazing

(edit) shit i bumped

shame on you!


Me: Can I call you Cyanide?
You: sure i guess
Me: https://youtu.be/1AULdtZ7y4c?t=10m38s

I don’t get it

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When he said he was okay with me calling him Cyanide, I said, “Fuck you, Cyanide” via video

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