A couple suggestions for the game

3 Months after saying goodbye… Well, that didn’t take long. Heya, I’m back with suggestions for couples… Wait thats not right. Anyway, I really hope these get added into the game, so lets get straight to the point!

  • Something quite obvious to anyone who has had this happen to them. Whenever the host closes the connection, the entire game gets terminated and there is no host migration. This is very, very frustrating to anyone who isn’t the host.

  • For first person shooter gameworlds/minigames such as Lazer Tag, Virus, SDNL and Snowball Fight (especially that one), slightly slow down the movement and drastically make strafing slower. This is absolutely essential, especially for non-hitscan weapons. Team Fortress, Counter Strike and, hellooo, GMOD are great examples. No one likes perfectly leading a shot just for the person to change direction faster than the light from your monitor reaching your eyes!

I couldn’t agree with that last one more.


Unfortunately host migration will never be a thing unless Unreal Engine 4 adds support for it. It requires a complete rework of their networking engine and is beyond the scope of our game. We have thought of ways to convince players not to disconnect a server (by rewarding good hosts, or marking bad hosts, or rewarding players who get effected by it).

Virus needs the speed, but I have considered adjustments. Laser Tag is already very slow and its speed was reduced a week after its release. Snowball Battle was a bit too fast, but it’s using the lobby speeds and I felt it would be okay. Since the release of it, I’ve been helping Foohy fix a major regression and on vacation so Snowball Battle won’t be fixed in time, sadly. I do want to bring it back for non-holiday, though. SDNL is not released yet.


Oh, okay. Thanks for letting me know! :grin: