A companion app?

Could you have tower unite have some kind of app to control your account while away? I know the budget is limited, and you don’t like to ask for money, but this could be pretty useful, helpful, and awesome.

For example, you can manage your safe, buy furniture that will go in your inventory for when you are online again, load in your condo for starting parties, or manage what’s inside of it in a look that looks like one of those birds eye view of a house when they try to sell it to you.

Manage clothing, check your condo cameras with a click, buy clothes, put yourself in queues for games (as long as you are online) message friends , trade with players, and more!

This could have 10,000 and one uses.

And if an app is out of the income tax bracket, you could always just make a website that is mobile friendly and then people can just make it a home screen shortcut.

Alright community, start pointing out flaws so I can try and fix them like trying to patch up a 1,000 foot dam.


I think this would be pretty neat. You could modify your condo layout kinda like the Sims, and just press and drag and stuff. That’d be neat but definitely not something that would happen straight out of the gate. Later in development I could see something like this though.

Companion apps are completely pointless imo, unless they have some sort of little extra feature attached to them, for instance the vanity plate creator in the GTA V app. Either way I’m sure some people would love this, but it probably wouldn’t be worth the time to make in the long run. I’d rather see the developer’s efforts go towards the game itself.


Companion apps can be really useful if done right. Xbox one’s smartglass works nicely for managing. Besides, this can be used while you are playing too, maybe to keep an eye on your condo while at the beach or quickly buy an outfit before a minigame starts. And when you are bored you can whip it out and start moving furniture into the room that was always empty before.

Eh. Even with the plate creator people will only create a plate then probably never touch it again.

I feel even if TU companion app had some extra feature it wouldn’t be worth the budget use nor time spent.

I’d think adding stat tracking and maybe additional functions like DICE’s Battlelog site would accomplish the same goal while not having to have them learn mobile coding.

I personally feel it’s a bit overboard and unnecessary. Neat idea, just I’m not feeling it for Tower Unite.


It would be cool, but as the others have said, I would rather see the developers focus on adding content to the main game rather than coding an app.

It will probably be like GTA V’s app.
All I used was the manual on that one and I think I had to download 300mbs of it too… So useless most likely.

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