A "cheater" tag for those utilizing macros

I feel like this would be a fair punishment for those that use macros, instead of outright banning them. Those with the “cheater” tag could also receive less units from game worlds. Maybe 2.5x less.

Edit: My thinking behind this is that macro-ing is less sever than hacking, so making it so that the macro-er receives less units for trying to cheat to get more units is a suitable punishment.


How would the cheater tag be applied? Would it be an automatic system or would it have to be by hand?

Damn, there surely is a serious hate faction growing towards macro users.


I think this is probably taking it too far < ;/


well it would most likely be applied once the person is tagged as a cheater in some kind of database.

Yeah, but how though… There has to be some kind of threshold or something for people to be automatically filtered into a cheater database, because I doubt the devs would be doing it themselves.

I don’t know how it works, but I remember some of the players I know got their stuff reset for creating scripts for exploits. I remember Mac saying that something in the game let them tell if they were using scripts. It could be entirely possible for it to be a manual thing.

The amount of people that use cheats like that is probably miniscule compared to the amount of people that use macros in the casino. I personally couldn’t see the devs themselves handling every case manually, especially with how much new stuff they’re working on right now.

That exploit was on an entirely different level to macros, besides, it’s practically impossible to macro now unless you are super dedicated.

Isn’t that what moderators are for?

I know, I’m just saying that they probably have software to detect macros as well if they can detect scripts.

Think, is such a tag could be useful at people’s eyes ?
It seems like an humiliation.
The macro system is fine, and this tag feature is apparently too much.


Maybe the tag would be temporary only, like, it would last a week or so…

Still, no need to humiliate and negatively show off people who did something bad. Just tell them to not do it or give them some sort of punishment, but don’t do it like in the middle ages.


The anti-macro check that was put in is good enough for me.


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