A bunch of ideas

I was bored so I decided to think of a bunch of things and smashed them into one thread

  1. Ability to make potions (And a potion shop) that have random effects when you make them Side note: would be fine at halloween as well
  2. Bowling Ball shop where you can buy custom bowling balls and customize your bowling balls Link
    3.The smoothies give buffs for minigames
  3. Fishing gives smoothies/potion/cooking items
  4. Confetti Cannon (cannon that shoots confetti)
  5. Server Admins can mute people on the server (for saying racist stuff etc.)

These are pretty cool ideas (6 is really needed at some point, but probably planned nonetheless). That being said, I’m not too keen on 3. I feel that it removes some of the skill element if a player could just buy smoothies to overpower other players without similar advantages. For the most part, I think that everyone should be on an even playing field in that regard.

Yeah 3 was just something that I didnt really put much thought in I just kind of wrote it down.
I have a half filled out piece of lined paper with a bunch of stuff written down on it.

  1. I think this would be neat, maybe as an extension of cooking so it has more of a point than just being a side activity to drown extra cash.
  2. Custom bowling balls are planned.
  3. Buffs for minigames aren’t a good thing. Players with extra time or ingame money/ even know about these buffs would have major advantage over other players. This would cause a disconnect and gap between players rather than relying on skill.
  4. Fishing is planned to give random items sometimes aside from just fish.
  5. Eh, confetti cannon is kind of sub-par to me. I wouldnt really be too excited to see it, and it would probably be too expensive to be worth buying. Firework rocket launcher is coming though, which is different enough for me to want.
  6. This is needed, and wouldn’t doubt if it’s planned. Not sure though!!

Already added and tested

That was posted after mine was

I know?

the upgrade shop that is already planned to be in the game might have this.