A Blockchain Integration

Curious about peoples thoughts on a utopian tower unite future where it was integrated with a blockchain like ethereum.

Buying and selling plots of land and cosmetics.

Hanging NTFs up in your house like over priced gifs and cryptokitties.

Tying a unique ID and value to everything.

Of the games being developed on the chains, Decentraland and The Sandbox, I’m sure they wish they had the base game that Tower Unite is.

What would it give or take away from this game?

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Wouldn’t that effectively bake microtransactions into the game, something Pixeltail has pledged against doing?


It’s just a hypothetical question. That’s why it’s in Off-Topic. And as a hypothetical situation, I’d be into it. I’ve been playing Blankos Block Party quite a bit recently (another blockchain game) and it’s quite unique. The whole concept of these blockchain games is interested. Actually owning all your digital purchases and them having actual value is really interesting to me.

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