#762 World's first video game

Answer should be OXO, which is not listed


:thinking: wonder where you got that info :smirk:


I, too, watched that hour.

And given that a considerable chunk of it is trying to define “video game” in order to precisely determine which one truly matches the conditions, I wonder if this is generally working as a trivia fact.


“The first video game” is one of those topics where you can find completely different answers based on just how pedantic over the definition of “video game” you are. Is it Pong? Is it OXO? Maybe something on the Magnavox Odyssey? There’s no definitive answer. Question isn’t worth keeping.


Most of the answers to this question are just people’s opinions on what counts as a video game
Like something not intended to be a video game but acts like what we would call a video game is a video game?
Or something made to try be a video game but does not act like a video game still a video game or not?

It’s just a matter of opinion really, aka a question that has someone’s opinion as the answer, aka a bad question, just remove it, it will only cause trouble for different people answering it…


Actually, Bertie the Brain predates OXO by 2 years. I don’t remember what the correct answer to this question is but OXO isn’t the first video game

The final answer from the video was Draughts, which was a game of checkers (I believe against an AI opponent). They also proposed Pong, if you were to argue the first video game to be labeled as a “video game.” The whole video was fascinating, I highly recommend watching it through.

Bertie was disqualified in the video because there was no video signal. It does count as an electronic game though.

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Ah, that makes sense. Didn’t realize that.

And this discussion is a great example of why the question itself is problematic haha

I agree it should probably be removed because of the confusion… or re-worded so the ones in contention (bertie, oxo, tennis for two) aren’t even in the list to make it easier.

Considering how long the video spent to come to it’s conclusion it just seems like a bogus question meant to be answered by one specific youtube video, not really “trivia” (it is a good watch tho)

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