[56K Modem Warning] Tower Unite Discord Development Sneak Peek


Hope the fruit launcher gets a different texture, something colorful to reflect that it’s a fruitlauncher. (Like the differences between the confetti gun and spooky gun.)


like juice stains on it
like blotches of red orange and such


i wish they get an aim sight.


i don’t know if this counts since its not official but it does display when people unlock achieves in the awards tab of chat
it displays their local time though which may confuse people


Last time messages appeared in there mac said that he would be able to convert it to show your local time, it’s just not done yet.


Yes, I’m fixing this today.


This isn’t from Discord but’s coming in a few days.







NOW, This is EPIC


I’m more than ready!


Hopefully if the game gets updated soon enough then the people who got the game from humble bundle will stick around. The german people appeared to leave the game a few days after videos weren’t posted about it from that youtuber.




now this is a bruh moment


Woah. If this shit drops during my Spring Break that’ll be amazing.


March 2nd, 2019

Notice: All items below are provided without context. There is NO guarantee anything featured in them will be present in the final release. These items are shown from RAW development. Items are in chronological order, bottom being most recent.


kentucky fried caboose


(again same stuff as caboose said above his most recent post)


Birb Abuse


rip birb