500 hours on Tower Unite, quitting;

I still like the game and all, but I’ve just grown out of it. Idunno just bored and not willing to wait another year for the game to get finished. I will say this though the community is toxic and shouts down any legitimate questions on the steam forum. The steam forum needs to be better moderated cause I’ve seen a lot of times people shouting down others and pressuring people to delete negative comments even when what was said was a legitimate question or comment. The steam forum is more toxic than /v/ is to people that say they have a console.


The official forums (these ones) are usually the place to post suggestions, bug reports, and questions, since the developers of TU respond to posts on this forum more often than the Steam one, and the community is much more friendly here than in Steam.

Also, I don’t think you should get any EA (Early Access) games if you’re not willing to wait awhile for the game to be out of EA, since most EA games take years to be completed (if they’re not cancelled before they’re complete).


I’m not sure what you mean by the toxicity in Steam forums, could you post a recent example? I moderate and visit the Steam forums every single day, and quite a lot during the day. I haven’t seen any recent thread being overly toxic (I will usually intervene) and I’ve been replying to every bug report I can.

We also don’t delete negative comments, only comments that are insulting other people or violate the Steam conduct rules.


Buy and decorate new condos! It definitely helps with the boredom. I probably had an extra 50 hours decorating my suite lol


These forums are the ones you’re looking for. Nobody that I know of uses Steam forums, and I forgot they existed until you brought them up. There’s a lot of veteran players around here and it’s friendly 99% of the time, with the exception of a spammer or obvious troll once in a while.

If you’re bored of the game, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break (Heck, that’s usually what I do between updates), but if you’re quitting for good, I’d say you’re gonna miss out on a lot of good stuff between now and the game’s release. Zombie Massacre is on its way, advanced condo tools, fishing, community condos, and much more…

If you’d just like to see what other people are doing in TU, there’s also the Discord:

All I do is lurk mostly, but sometimes it’s just fun to see what people are up to.


I almost every day check the Steam discussions and respond if I can help, I’ve never really seen anything get as bad as described, for the most part it’s people asking questions and the majority of people asking/answering are decent about it. Sure every now and again someone will be a bit negative and disagree or whatever but it’s far from being entirely toxic.

He’s just hating, post pic you even have 500 hours

well, for me it isen’t really toxic tbh, everyone is mostly kind.

I am usually one for bee-lining straight for the discussions section of a Steam game, but after discovering this forum back in late 2016, there is no comparison. The community here is leagues better. I will agree that for me personally, it is getting a bit stale with the long gaps between content updates. I know they are hard at work, and quality stuff is still yet to come, so I’ve for the most part taken a break from the game. I still actively lurk these forums and the Trello almost daily.