$47k Reached! Next gemstone unlocked! (CONDO PETS)

Let’s see what it is :smiley:

EDIT: It’s Condo Pets! YES!


my god. we’re just storming through this. im so excited! :grin:

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Pumped to see this, hopefully we’ll see some sort of virtual arcade machine or something else thats interactive :smiley:

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I just talked to Mac, he said he’s making something pretty neat :smiley:

I’m exited for this one! (this is my first comment)


@anon12484423 @rrmm @apple It’s been announced!

What is it? Do tell :smiley:

I love the sound of this.

Condo pets.

I’m assuming no rubiks cubes?

Pets huh? Sounds like it’ll be nice, especially if they can get them to have little animations etc.

So like, If I get a pet fish…will it follow me in the plaza in its fishbowl with wheels?

I want shitting animations.

Well, it says cat, dog, or fish. The Rubik’s Cube is copyrightted, so that wouldn’t be possible.

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Next gemstone is janitor confirmed; cleans the streets of the Plaza for a price :^)

Or it could fly on rockets :smile:

lol, that’s a hilarious idea. I will be seriously disappointed if that doesn’t happen.

I’d actually like that a lot. It’d be like a crossover of this and Viscera Cleanup Detail.

:o you have macdguy on steam?

And if you didn’t clean your mop, shit would go everywhere :smiley: