3D Main Menu?

One cool idea for a main menu would be to have it be somewhat 3D. Not in the way most people are thinking.

The player should load into the game and see a 3D scene, with their character in it. The character should play an idle animation that doesn’t just include them standing around, but maybe having them interact with things in this 3d scene, without moving too much. Perhaps they are on the beach and a ship passes by, and they wave at it.

These things should also give you the option to jump right in, and you’d be able to customize what you’re jumping into. From things like ‘prefered scenes’ (assuming you’d make multiple), to if you connect to a solo, random multiplayer, or official server if you choose to continue right where your character is standing.

If you choose to continue right where your character is standing, they’ll play a final animation before your camera is then put onto the character is it normally is, and you get to control your character. You start playing whereever your character was in the main menu. Very smooth transition. Relate it to GTA V’s switching-characters function, but put it alongside a main menu.

I dunno how possible this all is because I don’t know how Tower Unite plans to run some of it’s functions, or how things already work, but I thought it would be neat to keep something in mind similar to this.


Sounds pretty cool. I’ve seen games do that before. Maybe even take it further and do what some recent games have done and have the lobby be playable. Like, you walk around some room and there are objects you can interact with to launch into the different areas. Like, maybe it could be some plain-looking room with doors leading to the plaza, condo, and character customizer.

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This is what I was thinking of. Since the condos will be part of the lobby when it is finished, we don’t need an option to go there.

So you’d start at the bottom of the stairs to a maglev station. If you look to your side there will be a time table for the trains, and if you interact with it, it would open a traditional main menu for when you don’t want to waste time walking to your options.

Now if you use the time table, turn around and walk back up the stairs it would lead to part of a city and your game would exit (this would be the quit game function)

If you continue down to the train you will come across a actually fancy bathroom from which you can change your appearance physical appearance as well as clothes and whatnot (I’d imagine you’d only be able to change clothes and accessories everywhere else)

Going further in you’d get to the train which when boarded would bring up a “station selection” which would allow you to go to any official TU server or choose which ever one you wished

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So long as I have an option to disable starting the game with the menu like this, I think it’d be a fun little feature.


Condos will be seperate in the final release.

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Yes! This sounds awesome, although we do need to keep people’s performance in mind, so it should be togglable, as @Arkive86 stated.


as @SirParadox said it would have to be togglable for player with less good computer / lower specs , but it does sound like a good idea! but the developers should really fix all the bug’s and other problems first before making things like this :raising_hand:


I actually really like this idea. It’s better for VR compatibility and it feels nicer all around.

Wait…so condos will NOT be connected @MightyBalian? Like how they had in Gmod Tower? Aww…

No, it might be better this way though.

It allows for much bigger space to work with, room manipulation, wall customization, changing every little aspect about your suite should be a thing

So we’ll have to disconnect from the Plaza server, then connect to a Condo server? If not, please help me understand. Thanks. :blush:

Technically, yes. I think the condos will be tethered in some way to the server, though, meaning you shouldn’t be disconnected from the plaza server in full.

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In order to have proper VR support, we’ll need a 3D menu.


It’s been talked about in another thread on here but from what I understand, you’ll walk into the elevator like normal but a menu will pop up with 2D representations of all the condo doors and you enter your condo from there. What this also would do is allow you to see the apartments of everyone on the server as well as all of your friends.

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