30 min til' Tower Unite Alpha!


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Where’s the code? :sweat:

They never promised an exact on-time release.

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I’m panicking! Where is my code! :anguished:

Don’t worry, we’ll get our codes and then we can exit the hype train!

Don’t panic until you’re sure other people have keys and you don’t.
No one has keys yet.
Patience, man.

Holding my breath.

We’re posting so fast! :smiley: SO MUCH HYPE!

I think everyone has been too busy slamming the F5 key expecting a key to be in their inbox as soon as the clock hit the hour. They said around now. I’d say we’ll get a tweet or something shortly if there are any problems.

before Alpha hype: :expressionless: during Alpha hype: :astonished: after expected release: :confused:

just check out this thread if you wanna see posting fast.

I was looking for every hugging gif on the earth in hyper speed.

And now, the waiting game. Jeapordy

Everyone edit your avatar onto the hype train!!

I can’t stay forever! I live on the Eastern side of the States! :anguished:

Same, but I know we can both hold out for a bit longer!

It’s 02:30 AM here (GMT). I’m gonna have to go soon too urghhh .________________________.