3 issues? there you go!

Hello! i recently started to encounter 3 issues i didn’t have before, on the same laptop (and same specs).

issue 1: framerate is worse than before (in the lobby mostly), i remember having like, more than 25 fps in the lobby. but after coming back to the game on the same laptop (and same specs), i started noticing i’m getting far less fps, the maximum i recently achieved in the lobby is 10 fps.

issue 2: i can’t open the lobby shops and can’t go to the lobby interiors such as the casino and the theather/cinema. but even after restarting my pc (power off and then back on) switching servers, and verifying the game’s files using steam. i still can’t access the lobby shops or the lobby interiors (example being the casino and the theather/cinema)

issue 3: wasn’t there a NPC in Rob’s imports? or perhaps it got removed?

I feel like I’ve had some framerate issues too in the Halloween version of the plaza.

The interact bug is known, IIRC.

The NPC at Rob’s Imports has always been the phone on the desk.

The interact bug is due to limitations in the current Unreal Engine version the game is using, and is a server-side issue. Something to do with hitting the entity limit, I believe. Work is being done to migrate to a newer engine version without these issues, but for now, just join a different server. The higher-population servers are typically the ones with functional interactions (since everyone leaves the broken ones).

Lower FPS in lobby is most likely due to the entities and such.

What are your specs? 25 FPS for lobby is very low.

specs that i forgotten to give:
CPU = AMD QC-4000 (1300 Mhz, 4 cores, 4 logical processors)
RAM = 8 GB
GPU = AMD Radeon HD 8200 / R3 Series
Disk = as of writing this, an HDD. but i will get an SSD soon.

10fps? Do you have minimum specs?

well, the processor is a little bit below the specs, but i still think i should run this game just fine because i can run Fallout 4 (but with shadows at 8) and Fallout 76 (don’t buy it please) and Warframe (on medium or even high settings) just fine (playable), i will have to try installing the game on the ssd once i have it inside my laptop.
Tower Unite should be playable because of the games such as GTA V (played on windows 7 because of windows 10’s slowness) that are playable.