2nd Milestone, 40%, 586 people, and better than Kickstarter!

We reached our 2nd milestone of $20,000 in just a mere 3 days! We made $2,500 in one day. You heard me, ONE DAY. This is incredible because in one month of Kickstarter we never got to this point. I really hope to see 50% in the next 2 or 3 days. Thank you to all who have donated to this fabulous project; lets get it to $50,000! :fireworks: :grinning: :fireworks:


It’s only been what, three days and we’re almost at a month’s work on kickstarter! This is beyond awesome! Too bad they got rid of the physical items, I was looking forward to my soundtrack and shirts and whatnot. Custom greeting at shops will have to do!

I can’t wait to see where Tower Unite goes!

I think you mean 5k+ in one hour.

But at this rate, we might reach 50k in the next week or so. Yaaay for reaching 20k though!

well i think we will reach it at the last week because sometimes people wait til near the end of it… also we only have like 602 people who have donated… the kickstarter had 1,251 that means we only have half the people who donated last time… bet we are gonna get like 15k at the end like the start of indiegogo campaign did (im pretty sure 30k is the minimum amount) but i know we will get past the minimum amount of money to atleast get it rolling

Don’t Jynx it though. But seriously I am so happy to see how much better the indiegogo is doing compared to Kickstarter, and it’s probably due to that paypal limitation kickstarter has.

The campaign has been way better then the kickstarter campaign so far, but we need to keep up the pace to ensure its success. Hopefully the closed alpha will also bring more exposure to the campaign.

And here am I, still working towards that fancy gold watch QQ

The got rid of the T-Shirts because IndieGogo didn’t have a T-Shirt option, atleast that’s what MacDGuy said. He was not amused. Otherwise there would still be the t-shirt backer reward.

It should. Closed Alpha > Recording Videos > Videos on Tower Unite > Viewers

Not accprding to this trendline though:

But the closed alpha of the game releases on Monday and hopefully youtubers will play it and give the game exposure, so we should still be hopeful.

It’d be pretty cool though if they got with a t-shirt company to have a Tower Unite store to sell OFFICIAL Tower Unite shirts. That could also help with keeping the company afloat.

I did say “Might”

Besides, we still got like… 26 days left, that might change very soon.