2019 revised tower unite trailer, when?


this needs to happen, the current steam trailer does NOT reflect the game in its current state, especially with the sale happening, now would be a better time than ever to make a updated trailer.



A quicker method at the moment would be to put the Lobby 3 reveal video on the store page.

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I see where you’re coming from, but I think this would be a poor representation of the game as a whole. Maybe as a secondary video like some games have. If people see just the lobby in the trailer, they’ll have no idea about everything else there is to offer.
I’d love a new trailer, though. Maybe even some small non gameplay stuff like the Virus trailer had with the running down the hallway.



I think that an updated trailer is definitely something that should happen sometime this year when there is time for it, even if it doesn’t happen in the next month/couple of months.



Sure, I thought they should add the video on the store page, not remove anything.



Well, seeing as the updated version for 2017 came around June, I’d say we’d probably get one around that time