2 Free Games

Ubisoft is giving us not only one but two games this month.

The first Game is World in Conflict and the secound game is Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag.

The first Game is available now and next week you can get the secound Game

You can get both Games in Uplay.

Have fun.


Nice find! I ended up with AC III for free and tried it but never really got into it. I might have to give the series another shot with AC IV…

I despise UDontPlay, but thanks for the heads up nontheless!

If you want to get into it you should play AC II, it’s the best one out of the bunch

It’s a pain in the ass to login into the Ubisoft website, it’s a pain in the ass to log out of it. LOOK AT ME IT’S 2017 SO I MUST NOT BE A WEBSITE BUT A FUCKING JAVASCRIPT APP! Sadly I’m most likely gonna have to use upray for Beyond Good & Evil 2… (I don’t trust Ubi but I have full faith in everything Michel Ancel does.)

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World in Conflict is a hidden gem. Highly recommend you get it

Throwing this reminder out that AC IV is now available for free via Uplay.