[1.2.0] possible item duplication glitch?

for some reason i sold some of my catsacks while spinning the spin to win wheel, and sometimes when i get absolutely nothing, i somehow get catsacks, please do not take anything away from me as i am not trying to make a profit off of these catsacks, i don’t have a clue wether or not i am receiving them due to the server lagging or if this really is a glitch. thank you for your time,


I don’t think this is item duplication, but you aren’t the only one who has had this glitch happen. I have had four catsacks spontaneously end up in my inventory, as you can see by this screenshot (I only bought one of the five).

Honestly, if you suspect an item duplication glitch, message the devs directly.

thanks for the response

just did, thank you for your help.

I think this also happened to me, too, as I didn’t remember buying or winning them yet found some in my inventory.

thanks to Mac being awesome, he has confirmed that it is more than likely just steam acting up via the inventory manager. (and yes, it should be safe to sell those items as long as they show up in your steam inventory before selling them.

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I was worried that my condo would be emptied. Thanks for clearing it up!