1,000 Remains

I turned into remains collecting all these remains.


wow that’s a pretty good job you did there!!

Holy fuck. How long did that take? Jeez.

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holy hell

You do realize, that you are now pretty much obliged to do a, “1,000 remains opening” video on YT, right?

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How good is this photoshop trick. :wink:

Well i opened them and here’s my loot so far.


woah!, your gonna have alot of stuff you can use!

If you dont open them all the skeleton crew will be very dissapointed.
Also i think you might have issues since you are digging up graves.

Holy shit…

371 Jack-O-Lanterns, you poor bastard…

Boy if the milestones update was already here, you’d have racked up a couple with that much plaza playtime…

Hey, they’re pretty good.
they’re pretty interesting canvases